The Crafty, Highly Skilled Embroidery Process–Done By the Experts In Georgetown Ontario!

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If you have ever wondered what is involved in the highly intricate embroidery process you will marvel at seeing the results! The embroidery process is one where great care and detail are involved, not to mention a great deal of hard work. Embroidery often involves many various materials such as metal strips, pearls, beads, quills, and sequins and is most often used on hats, coats, golf shirts and stockings. A wide array of thread or yarn colour is essential.

Did you know that finely embroidered clothing used to be seen as a mark of prestige and status in many cultures and still remains today as one of the traits of personalization and elegance. What a difference a golf T-shirt can make with a unique and individualized company logo or employee name on it. The results can be astounding.

DT Embroidery in Georgetown, Ontario offers various embroidery products and services.The embroidery process is one that needs to be digitized in to a computerized format that works harmoniously with the machine. This setup process takes one to two days as opposed to other processes such as silk screening, which is less restricting to colour selection, and will always outlast the garment.

The two-dimensional artwork is converted into stitches or thread and the sewing machine is programmed to sew a specific design in a specific colour with a specific type of stitch.

The embroidery process is, of course, much more sophisticated and modern today than in the past, yet still incorporates many of the basic techniques or stitches of the earliest embroidery. Once the artwork has been digitized, it is ready to be implemented into the stages of production and design, and then finishing and inspection and then packaging.

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