What is so Amazing About The Sophisticated Silk Screen Process?

screen printing
Did you know that silk screen printing first appeared in China during the Song Dynasty in 960-1279 AD and was later adapted by other countries such as Japan, then enhanced by more modern methods? Silk screen printing involves a stencil method of print making. A design is transferred on a screen of polyester or other fine mesh with blank areas coated with impermeable substance. DT Emboidery specializes in silk screening. The team at DT Embroidery offers years of expertise in designing products with the sophisticated appearance that will make others notice. The process takes about 7 to 10 business days to complete. While using multiple colours in a picture can be somewhat expensive, the silk screening process will radically transform your t-shirt from a plain, unexciting one into a marvelous designed one. The silk screening process:
  1. Select the image you want to create a silk screen. Prepare your silk screen.
  2. Prepare your Photo Emulsion by adding an Emulsion Sensitizer.
  3. Shut the lid and shake well in a dark room.
  4. Use the squeegee to spread a thin layer of the Photo Emulsion to the silk screen. Remove any excess Photo Emulsion on the Painter Tape areas you masked on front and back.
  5. Allow the Photo Emulsion to dry in a dark room horizontally. Place your prepared silk screening image on the back side of the silk screen and add a piece of transparent plexi-glass over your image.
  6. Arrange your light source above the silk screen 12-14 inches above the image.
  7. Take your silk screen and wash it thoroughly with sink water, using a blow dryer to expedite the process, and then place your t-shirt on a flat surface.
  8. Place the silk screen on top of the t-shirt, add the desired silk screen paint colour to the top of the silk screen forming a large line from right to left and blow dry the paint for 5-6 minutes on high heat.
For more information on our silk screening process that requires patience and practice, contact DT Embroidery at 905-703-0596.