Enjoy Diverse Products With Less Name Brand Customized to Meet Your Particular Embroidery Needs For All Occasions!


Imagine visiting a place where you can have anything embroidered available at your fingertips locally. This means not only for your personal needs, but for corporate needs as well. Maybe you have a summer golf tournament and want to impress your team with personalized golf shirts or key chains, which will not only help promote your business but enhance your branding and credibility.

DT Embroidery in Georgetown, Ontario understands the value of embellishing products for greater appeal and inspiration. They offer a variety of products to suit your particular needs, whether it is on a personal level, small business or larger corporation. DT Embroidery has the modern digitized technology and highly skilled and professional staff to ensure that your embroidered products get completed efficiently and resemble the highest quality.

What distinguishes DT Embroidery is simply that they offer a large variety of products for any occasion such as T-shirts, polos, bags, such as hockey bags, backpacks, reusable grocery bags, luggage, and golf towels. They also embroider regular towels; basically anything that can be embroidered they will accommodate. Even if there is no supplier, DT Embroidery strives to always serve the customer in the best way possible to guarantee 100 per cent customer satisfaction. Less brand and more custom products is the goal. We know that a lot of the things that customers look for are not offered in stores. That is why it is custom made to suit your precise requirements.

Whether you are looking for a special jacket or hat to be embroidered for your golf tournament and want to play golf in style, call the experts. DT Embroidery displays a variety of hats that range in price and will accommodate what you are looking for your big tournament day. Whatever promotional product you are seeking, DT goes to double the trouble to meet your needs.

Visit DT Embroidery and amaze yourself with quality, service, and satisfaction, not to mention variety. If a product can be embroidered, it will be customized for you with modern technology! Contact us at 905-703-0596.